This blog is a personal, online space where I get to say what I think about subjects that are of interest to me.

Comments: You are most welcome to read and to share your thoughts or questions in the comments threads. However, as this is a personal online  space,  as opposed to an open conversation, I reserve the right to not release your comment from moderation at my own, sometimes highly subjective, discretion.

An illustrative list of reasons why I may choose to not allow your comments includes, but is by no means limited to:

  1. It is abusive, threatening or derogatory towards me, another reader, another blogger, aid recipient…
  2. It includes profane or inflammatory language, racial, ethnic, sexual, gender-based or other slurs or epithets.
  3. You’re obviously just promoting your own blog, your own employer, a particular project that will save the entire world from poverty, etc.
  4. You missed the point of the post that you’re commenting on.
  5. Your comment is as long as or longer than the post you’re commenting on.

In some cases I may choose to respond to you directly by email, rather than to release your comment from moderation for public view.


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